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This command line program demonstrates the use of the Puppeteer object by telling Preview to print a file with a given orientation. It accomplishes this by sending event messages to Preview to simulate calling up the Page Layout panel, clicking the appropriate button (Landscape or Portrait) and then printing it. See the code in previewPuppet.c for more details.

To use it, type:

	previewPuppet [-l] file.eps [file.eps ...]

The -l option makes it click the Landscape button, while the default is Portrait.

Note: the file must be .eps format otherwise the Page Layout command in Preview will be disabled and previewPuppet will be unable to perform the desired clicks (it will time out after waiting for the Page Layout panel to appear for one minute).


This program demonstrates the ease of use of the Puppeteer object. There are hundreds more ways in which the Puppeteer object can be used to remotely control NeXT applications. The Puppeteer object (together with the associated WindowInfo object) is available for purchase from Primitive Software Ltd. For more information, please email dave@prim.demon.co.uk.

Dave Griffiths

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.