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/* Plots a mesh representation of the function z[x][y]. The x values */
/* are stored as x[0..nx-1], the y values as y[0..ny-1], and the */
/* z values are in the 2-d array *z[]. The integer "opt" */
/* specifies: */
/*  opt = 1:  Draw lines parallel to x-axis */
/*  opt = 2:  Draw lines parallel to y-axis */
/*  opt = 3:  Draw lines parallel to both axes */

#include "plplot.h"
#if defined(PLSTDC) && defined(STDLIB)
#include <stdlib.h>
extern void free();

void plmesh(x,y,z,nx,ny,opt)
int nx, ny, opt;
FLOAT *x, *y, **z;
   int *olovw;

   set3mode(1);     /* Set 3d to mesh mode */

   free((VOID *)olovw);
   set3mode(0);     /* Set 3d to solid mode */

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