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/* Draws a contour plot from data in *z[], using the subarray */
/* from kx to lx in the x direction and from ky to ly in the y */
/* direction. The array of contour levels is clevel(nlevel), and */
/* "pltr" is the name of a subroutine which transforms array indicies */
/* into world coordinates */

#include "plplot.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#if defined(PLSTDC) && defined(STDLIB)
#include <stdlib.h>
extern char *malloc();
extern void free();

void plcont(z,nx,ny,kx,lx,ky,ly,clevel,nlevel,pltr)
int nx, ny, kx, lx, ky, ly, nlevel;
FLOAT **z, *clevel;
void (*pltr)();
  int i, mx, my, nstor, *heapc;

  mx = lx - kx + 1;
  my = ly - ky + 1;

  if (kx < 1 || lx > nx || kx >= lx || ky < 1 || ky > ny || ky >= ly)
           plexit("Argument error in plcont.");

  nstor = mx*my/5;
  if(( heapc = (int *)malloc((mx+2*nstor)*sizeof(int))) == NULL)
     plexit("Out of memory in plcont.");
  for (i=0; i<nlevel; i++) {
  free((VOID *)heapc);

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