Installation of Lattice C compatible PLPLOT

A script is provided (make-all) to compile all of the routines and
create a Lattice compatible library. The script assumes that you have
lmk (Lattice's make program) and oml (Lattice's librarian program)
To create the plplot library type

  execute make-all [FFP | IEEEF |IEEED]

where the options allow you to create Motorola fast floating point,
IEEE float, or IEEE double compatible libraries. The library is
created in the LIB: directory.  

The FFP library is named plpffp.lib while the single and double precision
IEEE libraries are named plplcmf.lib and plplcmd.lib

The Makefile's are set up to run the Lattice global optimizer program.
This takes additional time and also requires more memory. If you run into
problems with it remove the -O compiler flags from Makefile.lattice in
the src, drivers, and amiga/src directories.

It takes quite a while to compile everything and create the library.
You can save some time if you make lc1, lc2, oml, and go resident
(this takes up a lot of memory though).

If you did not receive the package on an Amiga diskette, you will
also need to create and install the fonts from the source in the
fonts directory.  If you were lucky enough to receive the diskette
(most probably directly from me) then the Amiga fonts should be
present in the plfonts directory.  You will still need to assign
PLFONTS: to the directory in which the fonts reside.

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.