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 * PCN System Assembler
 * Author:      Steve Tuecke and Carl Kesselman
 *              Argonne National Laboratory
 * Please see the DISCLAIMER file in the top level directory of the
 * distribution regarding the provisions under which this software
 * is distributed.
 * co_model.h
 * This file contains Gauge model information that is used by
 * the PCN model generation code in the compiler.

#define PROB_NEQ	0.176910
#define PROB_EQUAL	0.656528
#define PROB_DATA	0.337033
#define PROB_TYPE	0.001060
#define PROB_LT		0.609249
#define PROB_DEFAULT	1.000000
#define PROB_GET_TUPLE	0.415465
#define PROB_LE		0.558756
#define PROB_UNKNOWN	0.337033

#endif /* _PCN_INCLUDE_CO_MODEL_H */

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