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$Header: /tmp_mnt/ufs/pcn/carl/PCN/IF/Xsw/RCS/XtPrivate.h,v 1.1 90/09/25 00:00:30 carl Exp Locker: carl $

This file contains a portion of the Application Context Structure which
is private to Xt Intrinsics.  This struct is used by the function
XswGetDisplay to retrieve the default display for any given application
context.  It is valid for X11R4.  This file might have to change
for later revisions of the toolkit.

 * Displays

typedef struct _XtAppStruct {
    XtAppContext next;		/* link to next app in process context */
    void * process;	/* back pointer to our process context */
    void * destroy_callbacks;
    Display **list;
} XtAppStruct;

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