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Copyright (c)1997, Paul McCarthy

   From: "Paul McCarthy" <zarnuk@mcgh.org>
   Date: December 10th, 1997
Subject: SokoSave 1.1 Source Code.

SokoSave is a NEXTSTEP implementation of the Sokoban game.  This package
contains the source code for compilation under NEXTSTEP 3.3.

* Fast
* Unlimited undo/redo.
* Save/restore board positions.
* Left-click automatic shortest-path moves.
* Right-click automatic push-to-destination.

SokoSave is "freeware".  You may use and enjoy this program for free.  This 
package contains the source code for the SokoSave program.  You may examine, 
use and modify the source code for private, non-commercial purposes free of 
charge.  You may make and distribute unmodified copies of this source code 
for free provided that: (a) the source code is distributed in its entirety 
without modification, and (b) no fee of any kind is collected for the 
distribution of the source code.  

You may not distribute modified versions of the SokoSave program.
You may not distribute modified versions of the source code.
You may not distribute versions of the SokoSave program constructed from
modified versions of the source code.

These restrictions are for the protection of all.

If you would like some or all of your private modifications incorporated
in the officially published version of the SokoSave program, submit the
modified version of the source code to:

	"Paul McCarthy" <zarnuk@mcgh.org>

Credit will be given to all contributors for whatever contributions are 
included in officially published versions of the SokoSave program.  I do not 
want others taking credit for my work, and I will not take credit for the 
work of others.  

NOTE: The SokoSave program requires the MiscTableScroll palette, version 129
or better.

To install:
cd ~/Source/Games                  # Wherever you install source code.
gnutar xzf SokoSave.1.1.s.tar.gz   # Extracts the source code.
cd SokoSave                        # Change to that directory
co RCS/unpack.sh,v                 # Check out the script to unpack.
./unpack.sh                        # Unpack the source.

No special permissions are required other than the ordinary permissions to 
create files in a directory.  

Paul McCarthy wrote the program.
Eric Sunshine corrected some bugs and enhanced the preferences panel.

SokoSave uses the MiscTableScroll, which is copyright (c)1997, Paul McCarthy
and Eric Sunshine.

Comments to: "Paul McCarthy" <zarnuk@mcgh.org>

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.