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Copyright (c) 1994, Gil Rivlis

Pentominos.app (version 1.0)

A pentomino is a shape made of five squares touching each other along their
edges, in the same way a domino is a shape made of two squares. There is only
one possible domino, but there are twelve different pentominos.

Pentomino.app is a puzzle in which you should try and fit those twelve shapes
(whose total area is 12*5 = 60) into a rectangle of area 60.

To install, just drag Pentominos.app into ~/Apps or /LocalApps (or whatever).
It is a MAB and should work on NS3.1 and above (tested on 3.2). Intel has not 
been tested but it should work.

Have Fun,
Gil Rivlis, Physics Department, The Ohio State University
gil@atlantic.mps.ohio-state.edu		 NeXTMail Capable

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