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This is a triple fat (Intel/Motorola/HP) version of NXMine.  The author asked that I download it for him.

Ray Ghanbari

Original README:


NXMine is a NeXTStep clone of the (popular?) Windoze game Minesweeper.

It works and looks alike, and is free software.

The current version is 1.0, compiled for Motorola and Intel. If someone wants to recompile it for HP-NS, he can have the sources anytime.

The sources are available on request only, because I wouldn't like those freaks out there to see what a native Pascal programmer did with their language.

Bug: you have to manually activate the right mouse button via Preferences.app to play the game. This will be fixed in due course.

Author: Alexander Wilkie
        Student at the Vienna University of Technology
	Vienna, Austria, Europe
email : wilkie@cslab.tuwien.ac.at

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