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/* Generated by Interface Builder */

#import <appkit/View.h>
#import "NCommon.h"

#define NP_GAME_ROWS                10
#define NP_GAME_COLUMNS             10
#define MAX_OBSTACLES               25
#define TIMEINTERVAL                0.20
#define FASTINTERVAL                0.05

@interface NGameView:View
   id queue;
   id gameMatrix;

   id theScore;
   id theBonus;
   id theLevel;
   id theRest;

   id continuePanel;
   id endGamePanel;

   id flowCell;
   DPSTimedEntry flowTimer;   

   int gameScore;
   int gameLevel;
   int gameBonus;
   int levelBonus;
   int levelPiecesRemaining;
   int unusedPieces;
   GameStatus_t gameStatus;

- initializeGame;

- newLevel;

- endLevel;

- newGame;

- pauseGame;

- continueGame:sender;

- endGame;

- (int) newCellPosition: (int *) newRow : (int *) newColumn;

- singleClick:sender;

- step;

- free;

- speedUpFlow;


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