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I must apologize, this program was written, tested and compiled to run
on NeXTstep version 2.1 on 68040 hardware. I will try and compile it
(find someone to compile it) to run under NeXTSTEP versions 3.2, but I
cannot guarantee it.

Any comments or suggestions may be sent to:


		This software comes as is. Use it at your own risk. Although 
		a great deal of care has been taken to insure the program 
		works with no adverse side effects, there may still be some 
		bugs in it. ( No way! :)
	(C) Copyright 1994, Stefanos Kiakas. All rights reserved.
This program is released as shareware. If you like this program  and
would like to encourage the author to maintain, upgrade, or write
other programs (i.e. contribute so the author  may purchase the latest
version of NS :) send $10.00 (US) to: Stefanos Kiakas 6655 25th Ave.
Montreal, Quebec Canada	 H1T-3L8

Object of game

	The object of the game is to join the different pipe pieces to
form a path for the water to flow .  The bottom pipe piece on the
right is the next pipe piece which will be placed in the square
selected by the player.  The Speed up flow  menu selection will speed
up the flow. Once the flow has been sped up you may not insert any
more pieces or pause the water flow.  The Pause menu selection will
allow you to pause the water flow. Pressing it again will resume the
water flow.  Scoring

20   	Points are added for each pipe piece in which  the water flow starts.

30 	Points are added for  each unidirectional pipe piece in which the water flow starts.
 40  	Points are added for each intersecting pipe piece in which the water flow  has started in both axes.
 10  	Points are subtracted for each unused pipe piece at the end of each level.
End of level

The level ends when it is no longer possible for the water flow to
continue.  End of game

The game ends when the water flow cannot continue anymore and the
number of remaining pieces is greater than zero.   

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