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This game has been built Quad-fat under NEXTSTEP 3.3 and several bug
fixes and enhancements have been made to it.

Here is a list of changes I have made to the game so far:

   * Now works on ADB keyboards and should work on ALL keyboards
   * New main menu options to mirror those on game window
   * Fixed bug that caused "Pause/Resume" menu cells to have the
       wrong title sometimes
   * Which balls come next is now more random (the seeds used to be
       the same every time for every level).
   * There is now a "paused" graphic when the game is paused
   * A rudimentary preferences panel has been added
   * There are seven backgrounds to choose from, thanks to
       Allan Noordvyk <allan@cetus.ali.bc.ca> for sending them
       in; many of them were "borrowed" from BoinkOut
   * The GUI has been cleaned up a little bit
   * Highscore file permissions set properly for shared use
   * More levels

This app has been tested on Motorola, Intel, HPPA, and Sparc
architectures.  It has been tested on machines with and without ADB
keyboards.  As far as I know, it works fine.  If you do happen to
find any problems, please let me know about them so I can fix them!

I do have a to-do list, and there are some things I didn't get done
for this release.  There will be more releases, including an OPENSTEP
compatible release as soon as I can get it out.  The to-do list
currently includes these items:

   * try to make the response less sluggish
   * add a "what's coming next" visual (which can be turned off)
   * be more liberal about allowing movement

If you think I should add something to that list, please let me know!

The original README is appended to this document.


-Don Yacktman
<a href="http://www.misckit.com/don.html">My home page</a>

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I built this tiny program under NeXTSTEP 3.2 for both m68k and 80x86.
Hopefully it will run on your machine.

The idea of the game is very simple:  you are supposed to arrange the
balls so that they make rows or triangles of the same color.  If you
succeed the rows and triangles vanish to free room for other balls.
The game ends when there is no more room available.

You can use left and right arrow keys to move the falling balls to the
left or right, the up and down arrows to change the order of the balls
and the space key to drop them.

Command-n starts a new game.

Command-p will pause the game, then any key will resume it.  Hiding
the application automatically pauses it.

If first levels are too boring for you, hit Command-2 or Command-3 to
leap directly to the second or third level.

If you want to share the same score table with other people, just
launch the application from the same file Balling.app, located on
a file server in your local area network.  The score table is located
inside Balling.app and the application will accurately synchronize
your score table.

Have fun!

The program is shareware:  if you enjoy balling, send a check or
money order to:

Dimitri Plotnikov
10910 Harpers Square Ct.
Reston, VA 22091


Dimitri Plotnikov
Home phone: (703) 860-9260

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