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 * NetworkPlayer
 * description: a networked subclass of Player.
 * history:
 *	3/15/93 [Erik Kay] - created
 *	6/2/93  [Erik Kay] - reworked much of the code
 *	6/8/93	[Erik Kay] - better error recovery
 *	6/8/93	[Erik Kay] - bycopy support for transmitting boards

#import "Player.h"
#import <mach/cthreads.h>

// You might wonder why I broke these methods into protocols.  I wonder too.:-)
// actually, it seems that for some reason, when I put oneway methods into
// the interface specification, it won't compile.  I haven't found out why
// that is yet.
@protocol SplatServerMethods
- (oneway void) lookForClient;
- connectToClient;
- (oneway void) completedMove:(in move *)mv;
- (oneway void) stopGame;
- (oneway void) pauseGame;

@protocol SplatClientMethods
- connectToServer;
- lookForServer;
- (oneway void) initNetGame;
- (oneway void) setClientBoard:(bycopy Board *)b;
- (oneway void) completedMove:(in move *)mv;
- (oneway void) stopGame;
- (oneway void) pauseGame;
- (oneway void) unpauseGame;

@interface NetworkPlayer:Player <SplatServerMethods,SplatClientMethods,NXSenderIsInvalid>
    char hostname[256];
    char myServerName[256];
    char otherServerName[256];
    NXConnection *myServer;
    id otherPlayer;

- setHostname:(const char *)nm;
- (char *)hostname;
- (char *)otherPlayerName;
- (BOOL) isConnected;


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