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/* Generated by Interface Builder */

#import <objc/Object.h>
#import <sys/param.h>
#import <streams/streams.h>
#import <objc/List.h>
#import "Cookie.h"

@interface CookieFile:Object
	char filename[MAXPATHLEN];
	int file_length;
	struct _cookieFlags {
		unsigned int		selected:1;
	} flags;
	List *cookies;

+ (CookieFile *)findName :(char *)name fromList:(List *)list;

- initFromName :(char *)name fromList:(List *)list;
- init;
- setSelected :(BOOL)value;
- (BOOL)selected;
- (BOOL)readCookies :(NXStream *)stream;
- (int)count;
- (Cookie *)pickRandom;
- (Cookie *)pickNumber :(int)number;
- (void)free;
- (char *)filename;
- setFilename :(char *)filename;
- fillOut;
- (int)filelength;
- setFilelength :(int)length;


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