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Neko is a quick-and-dirty port of xneko, the cat-and-mouse chase
originally written for the Macintosh.  The cats are faithful to
the original, but the mouse had to be altered slightly--it was 17
pixels wide in the X version, which just won't do for the NeXT.

>>> If you ever want to port this to something else, please go
back to the original sources!

I've tweaked things a little since the original release.  The
alternate images are from oneko, which you should be able to find
along with xneko in the X contrib archives.

I've tried to make things a little more NeXT-like.  Command keys
do what you'd expect, and it's even mildly amusing to miniaturize
the main window.

Preferences: The only "obvious" one is the choice of images.  The
main window size is automagically written to the defaults
database at termination.  There are three settings which are not
available through the application.  Interval controls the basic
animation rate, and Speed controls how fast the cat moves.  These
default to fairly "optimal" settings, and you aren't likely to
want to change them anyway.  Title sets the window title.  I left
it out of preferences simply because "doing it right" involves
quite a bit of effort, and I didn't consider it worthwhile.


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