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Date: Jan. 15, 1999

	The 5th release (98Dec8) apparently uploaded incorrectly.
 I didn't notice it for a month, so some of you may be using the 
(98Dec8) version. It seems to work, but I did notice some minor 
files are missing. One thing that is missing is the up arrow for
 the database. This release fixes the (98Dec8) version.

The file  Lottery.99Jan15.N.b.tar.gz (6th release) replaces both 
Lottery.98Dec8.N.b.tar.gz  (5th release) & 
Lottery.98Mar26.N.b.tar.gz  (4th release). 

The file is located in ftp://ftp.next.peak.org/pub/next/apps/misc/

New features:
- resizable spinning wheel, modified spin inspector
- spinning wheel supports up to 20 numbers
- more draw days
- updated Ontario databases
Note: Compared to previous releases, this release is a minor update.

The software lets a user maintain a database of lottery numbers.
		 supports most current lottery formats
                 database management
                 analysis functions
                 import/export databases (Ascii text files)
                 spinning number wheel

The following databases from Ontario, Canada are included:
(649,49,645,747,Keno,Pick3 & old 639). 

The program was compiled with 3.0 .
I have no idea if it will run on any other configuration.
Only the compiled binary is provided. Source code is not available.
Licence Agreement:
This software is available only by ftp at the peak.org site. 
Any other redistribution of this software in any form is not permitted .
Use this software at your own risk. This software has no warranty. 
This software is free to use "as is". 
This software, "LotterySoftware Version Jan. 15 1999", 
is Copyright 1999 by R.A. McTavish.

Author:R.A. McTavish
E-mail: none ... I can be contacted at 
            (519) 747-5669 (Ontario,Canada).
Date: Jan. 15, 1999.

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