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Life (Version 1.0a)		November 1, 1993

	This is my implementation of the Game of Life. There was a NS2.x Life
program (By Peter Oleski, peter_oleski@hh.maus.de) on the archives but it
didn't do all I wanted to do. Everything here is new except for the computation
	It's MAB and should run on NS3.1 or higher. (Actually, I haven't used, as
far as I remember, any 3.1 stuff sop it should compile on 3.0 as well.) I did
not test it on an intel machine.
	The program is free under the FSF lisence terms (Copyright to me).
	You should be able to find a binary only distribution: Life.10.MAB.tar.gz 
and a source code distribution: Life.10.src.tar.gz.
	I may be reached at gil@atlatnic.mps.ohio-state.edu

	From binary
	Simply drag the extracted binary version to ~/Apps or /LocalApps. Logout
and login to let Workspace Manager know about the new file type.
	From source
	Open the source in Project Builder and change the default 'Install In' 
directory in the Attributes view. (The current default is $(HOME)/Apps).
	In the builder view, use the pop-up menu to choose install, and click

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.