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This is Fortunate v1.0, a NeXTSTEP front-end to BSD fortune.

Fortunate displays a fortune (obtained from the command-line fortune) in a
NeXTSTEP window, with simple menu options to change fortunes, and copy the
current fortune into the pasteboard.

This program is in the Public Domain (except for bits of the source which fall
under the MiscKit license) and includes full source, and a quad-FAT binary.

It was built under NeXTSTEP 3.3, but should run under 3.2 or even 3.0, since
there's nothing too fancy going on in the source. For < 3.3, you will likely
need to thin the binary down to your architectures, using the lipo(1) program,
or rebuild it.

The file README.rtf in the distribution describes the program in detail.

Chris Saldanha
computerActive, Inc
chris@computerActive.on.ca (NeXT/MIME OK)
Work: http://www.computerActive.on.ca
Home: http://www.mae.carleton.ca/~csaldanh

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