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Boris was inspired by an article in Scientific American (November '95) which explains the basics of swap site notation. I can't juggle very well - 3, and 51 with a few variations are just about my limit, so I created "Boris" who doesn't have such physical limitations.

Swap Site Notation
SS basically lists out the strength of each throw in turn. Everything happens on a regular beat, and you throw alternatly from each hand. Look - just try it and see! It's a lot less complex than it sounds...

Most of it is obvious - just type the pattern number into the box at the top. Less obviously "tempo" sets the time between throws - to make this gap larger of course you need to throw higher. The "slow" control let you run in slow motion - full down is real time. "Frames" adjusts the number of frames per second that will be attempted - more frames is smoother, but it might slow down (strangly Black machines are the fastest!).

The familiar patterns are 3, and 51. These can have balls added to them, up to 9 and 91. The coolest patterns I've found are 975, 9753 and 97531. The average of the numbers will always be the number of balls.

You're welcome to distribute and use Boris non-commercially, as you see fit - I hope you enjoy it. However Boris is copyright Ian Stephenson (1995), and may not be sold, or used for profit without prior consulation with the author.

Boris is JuggleWare!
If you think Boris is the greatest program ever then (under no obligation) send a juggling ball, club or other prop, as you see fit to:
	Ian Stephenson
	c/o Insignia Solutions
	Kingsmead Buisines Park
	High Wycombe
	Bucks, UK
Any sugguestions as to enhancements from registered users will be considered...

Boris has no association with Insignia Solutions.

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