This is a (currently) lame VT100 emulator with the kinds of dialing features I have come to expect from a communications program. All of the existing offerings (including the commercial ones) seemed to kind of miss the point in my twisted mind. I LIKE to hog up a phone line redialing a busy number. I LIKE having a terminal pop up directly connected to my modem as a default. I HATE programs that seem to think they know more about the communications I want to do than I do, and I REALLY hate programs that don't make obvious choices easy.

This program is meant for dialing up a terminal session with a BBS or another computer and using it like a terminal. It doesn't do Telnet. It doesn't do scripts. Maybe it will someday when it grows up. Here is a brief overview of the program:

When Modulator cranks up it puts up a default session. This session is connected to the first item in the Host list. I generally keep an item there like "/dev/cufa 57600 baud, No parity". You can have it dial the phone if you want (this will become clear as you get into it). The Hosts panel contains a browser of host entries that describe each possible connection. You can pick one (or a bunch) and start dialing. You can add more hosts to the dialing queue while it is dialing. Anything that seems reasonable should work. You can modify the host list by adding and deleting hosts and entry can be edited to suit your taste.

For transferring files you must have the rz/sz program set. It is available on major archive sites. I don't think I am allowed to incude it in this package due to it's license but if it is available on your path then modulator will use it. Someday maybe I'll roll my own so this won't be necessary. Modulator does cover up the program and provide a proper face but the rz/sz combo won't resume an interrupted file transfer so that will probably be my major motivation to do it myself.

You can start file reception from the transfer menu. Zmodem reception is automatically started so you don't have to do anything. The "Set Receive Directory" item will let you tell the program where to stuff things (within limits!).

Sending files is done by dragging them into the out box. You can drag a group of files into the out box and send them with one ZModem or YModem command. The XModem send will only send the first (top) file. You can't drag directories into the out box. I'll probably add some kind of option in a future release that allows you to add a directory as either seperate files or as an archive of certain flavors. Not yet though.

For preferences you can set where the windows lay on startup. More to come.

Below is the text of the internal registration readme that describes the terms of the license. Modulator is 100% fully guaranteed, If you don't like it, then throw it away.

Let me know what you like about the program and what you don't. Give me your ideas on features to add, things you would most like to see. I'm just one dog barking in the north Georgia mountains and my ideas about what is nice get kind of loony without external feedback so control the loop!


Greetings User!

This is a VERY preliminary version of Modulator, a terminal program that fills a need of mine and possibly yours. I have decided to offer it as guilt free shareware. I hate crippleware that cobbs some part of the program so that you can't use it effectively and I realize that some people might find only occasional use for programs like this. I don't even want to be so retentive as to bounce a large ugly panel up in your face every time you launch the program unregistered reminding you what a slug you are for not sending in your money (Don't you hate those?). I'll settle for this little termite of a reminder sitting passively in the background like some clichİ Jewish mother, call it the art of nagging without nagging. With that in mind the License (such as it is) goes like this:

If you like this program then, by all means, use it to your heart's content regardless of whether or not you send in a contribution.

If you find it your constant friend and bosom buddy in telecomputing (or you're just a really nice person) then a contribution of $25 would be greatly appreciated. You get nothing for this money except a warm feeling of helping the NeXT community by encouraging the productivity of a marginally productive programmer. I will, however, keep your name on a mailing list to be notified of future updates and how to get them.

If you don't use it often enough to cough up such a large (heh!) amount, or you are a poor starving NeXTArtisan and really can't afford it then send in what you can, or nothing at all. No guilt.

If you have crafted your own work of art (commercial or not) feel free to send me a copy of it in lieu of a contribution. This is encouraged especially for those high ticket items I can't afford and could never justify but would just LOVE to have hanging around to show off to friends.

If you use it commercially send SOMETHING. 

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to send them to:


As is usually the case, contributor's get a better hearing at improved features and like I said, I will maintain a mailing list for updates. If you can't receive it electronically then there will be a small charge for mailing disks. Updates will probably also be available on the major FTP sites.

Modulator is Copyright © 1993, Matthew Brandt.

Mail those BIG checks to:

	Matthew Brandt
	3500 Alexander Circle
	Cumming, GA 30131

********* Caveat Emptor! **************

Here are some things you don't have to tell me about because I already know they need improving...

The VT100 emulation is REALLY weak. I also plan to add ANSI-BBS emulation.

Yea, it needs more preferences. Colors too...

I would like to get rid of the need for rz/sz and also allow for restart of interrupted transfers by rolling the protocol into the program instead of spawning a process (or at least roll a sane process).

If you want something really wierd like REGIS emulation or some other funky terminal then you'll probably have to pay me to write it. Don't hold your breath for anything other than the two listed above.

Wow, you got to the end. (or did you just skip all the tripe in between?). Thanks for checking this out. Let me know what you think even if there is some bit that means you absolutely can't send me money for this unfinished symphony. Maybe I can make it worth your while if you tell me what you want to see.

Matt Brandt

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