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#import <sgtty.h>
#define NOPARITY (0)
#define ILLEGAL_PARITY (99)
#import <objc/Object.h>

/* the class Tty is for handling devices that are driven
   by the general terminal interface -- see tty(4) */

@interface Tty:Object
  int fd;                      // file descriptor for reads and writes
  int par;                     // parity (EVENP, ODDP, or NOPARITY)
  struct sgttyb origState;     // for the reset method
  struct sgttyb currentState;  // for calls to ioctl

+ newDevice:(char *)devname access:(int)flags;
+ newReadDevice:(char *)devname;
+ newWriteDevice:(char *)devname;
+ newReadWriteDevice:(char *)devname;
+ newExistingfd:(int)thisfd;  // for already existing file descriptor (eg. 0=stdin 1=stdout 2=stderr)
- reset;
- setEcho;
- unSetEcho;
- setRaw;
- unSetRaw;
- setCbreak;
- unSetCbreak;
- setCrmod;
- unSetCrmod;
- activateState;  // this is meant to be a private method
- setSpeed:(int)bps;
- setParity:(int)parity; //parity is either EVENP, ODDP, or NOPARITY
- (int) getSpeed;
- (int) getParity;
- (int) getfd;
- (int) queuedChars; //returns number of characters ready to be read
- (int) readInto:(char *)buf;  //returns number of characters read into buf
- (int) writeOut:(char *)buf;


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