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#import <appkit/appkit.h>
#import "Modem.h"

@interface MyObject:Object
// outlets
    id	captureFile;
    id	captureFileWell;
    id	captureMenu;
    id	dialString;
    id	flow;
    id	initString;
    id	parityPopup;
    id	port;
    id	receiveProtoPopup;
    id	sendProtoPopup;
    id	speedPopup;
    id	output;
    id	input;
// instance variables
    int mfd, debug;
    id term, escaper, fdset, trigger, sr;
    id connectSound;
    Modem *modem;
    BOOL fdHandlerInstalled, dialing;
    enum responses {connected=1, connect1200, connect2400,  connect9600, no_carrier, busy, no_dialtone, user_abort, modem_command};

- captureFile:sender;
- configure:sender;
- dial:sender;
- hangup:sender;
- receiveFile:sender;
- reset:sender;
- resetConfig:sender;
- runScript:sender;
- sendFile:sender;
- sendLine:sender;
- getLine;
- toggleCapture:sender;
- output:(char *)string;


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