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//	GKdefs.h.  
//		Misc definitions to be imported all over GateKeeper.
//			by	Felipe A. Rodriguez		
//	This code is supplied "as is" the author's makes no warranty as to its 
//	suitability for any purpose.  This code is free and may be distributed 
//	in accordance with the terms of the:
//			Version 2, June 1991
//			copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
// 			675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

#define	VERSION 	"version" 					// version string key
#define	CURRVERSION	"3.0 Beta 4" 				// current version string

#define	MODEMPORT 	"modemPort" 				// port modem is on
#define	DIALINIT 	"dialInit" 					// modem init str

#define	OPTION 		"/options" 					// options path
#define	XOPTION 	"/xoptions" 				// example options
#define	PPPUP 		"/pppup" 					// pppup path
#define	IMAGE 		"/Icon.tiff" 				// gate doc image path

#define	SELCELL 	"selectedCell" 				// cell selected in hotList
#define	AITIMER 	"appIconTimer" 				// icon displayed online timer
#define	DOD 		"DoD" 						// dial on demand

#define	DISPLAYD 	"diagnostics" 				// display diagnostics window
#define	DISPLAYS 	"status" 					// display status window
#define	DISPLAYT 	"toolbar" 					// display toolbar

#define	LIBPATH 	"LibPath" 					// path of doc files
#define	CDOC 		"currentDoc" 				// currently selected Gate doc
#define	EDOC 		"path" 						// Gate doc being edited
#define	SOUND 		"sound" 					// play sounds?

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