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// $Id$

#import <appkit/ActionCell.h>

@class NXImage;

@interface UITabActionCell:ActionCell
    NXCoord ascender, descender, tabHeight, tabBezierImageWidth;


// Methods Overridden From the Superclass
- initTextCell:(const char *)aString;
- awake;
- setFont:fontObj;

- drawInside:(const NXRect *)cellFrame inView:controlView;
- highlight:(const NXRect *)cellFrame inView:aView lit:(BOOL)flag;
- calcCellSize:(NXSize *)theSize inRect:(const NXRect *)aRect;
- (BOOL)trackMouse:(NXEvent *)theEvent
			inRect:(const NXRect *)cellFrame
- (BOOL)startTrackingAt:(const NXPoint *)startPoint inView:aView;

// Other Instance Methods
- finishInitializing;

// Accessor Methods
- (BOOL)isSelected;

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