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UITabActionCell v1.5 (January 31, 1995)

I added code to check to see if the window depth can handle above two-bit gray.  If it can it uses the .5 grayscale.  In addition cells scale to the matrix by default.

I love those autoscaling tabs!

Sean Hill

PS Sorry for taking out the version and make file enhancements.... They caused more warnings and problems in a generic development environment than I wanted to answer questions about.

UITabActionCell v1.4 (January 29, 1995)

Several enhancements were added to try to make TabMatrix emulate EOF IB's StackView more faithfully:

1.  Visual indication of a disabled tab is provided as with most NEXTSTEP UI objects:  the tab label's text is light gray for a disabled tab and black for an enabled tab.

2.  An unselected tab is now dark gray instead of medium gray (0.5).  The use of either dark or light gray text as an indication of a disabled tab isn't very readable on mono systems due to the dithering required to display 0.5 gray.

3.  The fixed-resolution tab end tiffs have been replaced by device-independent pswraps that draw the tab ends.  This eliminates the need to provide the tiffs as resources to each app that uses TabMatrixPalette.

4.  Automatic scaling of tab sizes to accommodate different fonts is now supported.

5.  The palette view has been enhanced to provide a dark gray border across the top of the tabs to eliminate the chopped-off appearance.

6.  Version information is recorded in the palette object files and the palette itself through the addition of headers in each source file and a modified version of MiscKit's buildversion.

7.  Project Makefiles have been enhanced:
	a.  automatically create and install in /usr/local/lib the palette library that must be linked into any app using the palette;
	b.  automatically create Makefile.dependencies if they don't already exist (note that this will fail when multiarchitecture binaries are being built unless the broken Makefile.dependencies target is replaced in /NextDeveloper/Makefiles/app/common.make by the Makefile.dependencies target included in the common.make.mods file).

Good job everyone!!

Art Isbell

UITabActionCell v1.3 (January 22, 1995)

This version touches up a few bugs which have been reported.  The bugs are:

1. The spacing between the characters was funny because we were using the printing font instead of explicitly setting the screen font.  Now, if there is a screen font we use it.  Using other fonts than Helvetica should work properly now.  Printing should no longer give an error.

2. The lowest line of the extenders is no longer cut off.

3.  The selected cell has a white top border.

Also, it includes a nice icon drawn by Stefanie Herzer.  Thanks to all!


Sean Hill

UITabActionCell v1.2

As I was about to release v1.1 to the net, a colleague here found yet another bug in my implementation. When the mouse was dragged across the matrix of cells, the highlighting was all wrong and the action wasn't being sent. So I delved into the code and fixed this. Because of the way NeXT implemented cells, it wasn't fun, but now it works just like the tabs do in Interface Builder!

Have fun,

Bill Edney

UITabActionCell v1.1 (not released)

A small update to TabMatrixPalette to make it a little cleaner visually. I had originally done the TabMatrix using a selection cell, which gave it the behavior I wanted (namely, to both switch the cell and send its action on mouseDown instead of mouseUp). A number of folks (including Mark Onyschuk and Sean Hill) have worked on it since then and changed from using a subclass of SelectionCell to a subclass of ActionCell. This was cool in that things could be hooked up in IB, but bothered me because the cell didn't switch its look (nor send its action) on mouseDown, but mouseUp, which gave it a funny look and feel. The cell would push in on mouseDown and only look proper when the mouse went up. So, in the spirit of good hackware, I went back in and fixed this. This really makes the thing look and feel much nicer!

Have fun,

Bill Edney


Here is the latest version of the Public Domain UITabCell Palette.

I touched this up a little so that the dark gray view is no longer needed and the cell itself is a subclass of an ActionCell so that it can be used with actions and tags.  I think it makes a more useable palette now.  What I would like to see is the edges of the tab be drawn by postscript so that we could make really huge fat tabs.  But it's probably best like it currently is.  

I also implemented the calcSize method so that it knows the proper size of the cell.

Thanks to all who have created this before me!
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Several weeks ago, a TabView much like the one featured in EOF's new Interface Builder was posted. Here's a palette built around the same code, compiled for both black and white hardware.

Only one change was made to accommodate IB. TabSelectionCell adds a test for the kind of superview it is being asked to draw in -- normally this is a Matrix but in the IB editor, the cell is asked to draw in some other kind of View.

You can now drag a Matrix of these Cells and, in conjunction with a palette like TTools from NeXTanswers, build a switching file-folder like UI completely within IB.

Many thanks to the original poster!

Mark R. Onyschuk

M. Onyschuk and Associates Inc.		389 Leslie St. Toronto Canada, M4M 3E3

After seeing Jean-Marie's new addition to Interface Builder, I just couldn't help wanting those cool tabs for my very own! Since I don't have IB source :-), I just had to figure it out for myself.

There are two caveats (bugs?):

1) If you put these into a ScrollView, sometimes the little tab ends won't redraw themselves properly when scrolled after being clicked on. Since you probably shouldn't be putting a control like this into a ScrollView, this really shouldn't present a problem (although if someone want's to send me a bug fix, that'd be appreciated).

2) The first and last tab cells are 7 pixels (half a tab image width) shorter than the rest of the cells. This is due to a drawing issue with drawing inside the matrix. If the images on the first and last cell aren't shifted in, they get clipped by the matrix and don't look very good. If your cell's are relatively large, this really isn't very noticeable. The real way to fix this is to get in there, determine how many cells there are, and distribute this difference among all of them. Again, anyone wanting to send me this code should fell very free to do so.

Have fun,

Bill Edney

P.S. This code is totally free from any licenses or warranties or anything. In other words, use it however you want but don't blame me if it hoses something up!

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