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Enclosed is a directory tree containing an example BIND nameserver template configuration.  If you are not currently running a nameserver a caching only configuration will be the easiest to install.  Upgrading to a recent version of BIND
such as 4.9.6 or 8.1.1 is also recommended.

Configuring BIND 

The example template stored in the directory BIND_templates may be of assistance in performing the following steps.

Please note the following:

 	a.  If you previously created the file /etc/resolv.conf you will need to modify 
		or delete this file in order to have DNS queries sent to your local named.
	b.  You must install the NeXTStep user 3.3 patch in order to use dial on 		demand (on pre 4.x systems).
	c.  Most users not currently running a local DNS can probably just use the
		template example files in BIND_templates/CachingOnly_DNS_server.

  1.  create a directory to store your named related files at /etc/DNS (or whatever)

Using the template files from BIND_templates/CachingOnly_DNS_server 
  2.  copy ../master/root.cache to /etc/DNS (or whatever you chose above)
  3.  create a zone file describing your domain in /etc/DNS see the example
  4.  copy ../master/named.boot to /etc/ and edit to reflect your domain.  
  5.  start the nameserver by executing /usr/etc/named and/or placing an appropriate
        line in /etc/rc.local.  

See the examples, the NeXT Network and System Administration (search for DNS) manual and also the BIND docs for help.  The O'Reilly and Associates book DNS and Bind is also a good source of information.   

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.