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//	Most of this code is from the Subprocess object.  
//	Numerous additions, deletions, changes and any bugs courtesy of:
//		Felipe A. Rodriguez		
//	Portions of this file were derived from:
//			pppkill.c
//			by Scott Hess
//			Subprocess.h	(v10)
//			by Charles L. Oei
//			pty support by Joe Freeman
//			with encouragement from Kristofer Younger
//			Subprocess Example, Release 2.0
//			NeXT Computer, Inc.
//	This code is supplied "as is" the author makes no warranty as to its 
//	suitability for any purpose.  This code is free and may be distributed 
//	in accordance with the terms of the:
//			Version 2, June 1991
//			copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
// 			675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

#import <objc/Object.h>
#import <appkit/Application.h>
#import <appkit/nextstd.h>
#import <stdio.h>

    This subprocess object sends/receives data to/from any UNIX
    subprocess asynchronously (via vfork).
    Its delegate, if any, will receive the following messages:

	- subprocessDone;
	    // sent when the subprocess exits
	- subprocessOutput:(char *)buffer;
	    // sent whenever there is data on the standard output pipe;
	    // buffer is only valid until next call
	- showAlert:(const char *)errorString;
	    // sent when an error occurs;
	    // if it ever happens, it's usually only at startup time

#define BUFFERSIZE 2048

@interface Subprocess:Object
    FILE *fpToChild;
    int fromChild;
    int childPid;
    id  delegate;
    int masterPty;	// file descriptor for master/slave pty
    int slavePty;
    int bufferCount;
    char outputBuffer[BUFFERSIZE];
	int log;
	FILE *fp;
	char Path[MAXPATHLEN + 1];		// generic buffer to hold paths

    	// optional redirecting the standard error stream thru standard output
- init:(const char *)subprocessString withDelegate:theDelegate 	

- terminate:sender;		// forces the subprocess to terminate (w/ SIGTERM)

		// read pppd/syslog output from a FIFO or an ordinary file
- readFromFile;
- readFromFIFO;


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