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Install GateKeeper as root using the Installer package.  Configuration instructions are contained in the online NeXTHelp system. 


    GateKeeper 2.2 for ppp2.2
    GateKeeper is a graphical user interface control for ppp2.2.


   When employing a FIFO as the communication mechanism between
   GateKeeper and pppd, the syslog daemon (syslogd) is blocked 
   from writing until the first PPP connection. This behavior
   is cured in this release, i.e. syslogd will work as soon as
   GateKeeper is started.  However, for syslogd to work right
   from the start-up of the computer, you need to install 
   a little utility program. See README.openFifo.rtfd for details.  
   The necessary modifications for version 2.2 were incorporated 
   by Uli Zappe <uli@nexttoyou.de>.   

   2.2 was built on the latest stable release (2.1) of GateKeeper.
   It is the last release which supports the 2.0 DNS based Dial
   on Demand.  If you want this feature you must download the DoD
   version of the 2.0 distribution.

   *Note that a wholly redesigned release 3.0 of GateKeeper is
   currently available in Beta state (though not under active 
   development). GateKeeper 3.0 is tightly integrated with
   ppp2.3 and can not be used as a GUI front-end to other ppp 
   packages.  GateKeeper 3.0 and the integrated PPP daemon
   communicate in a peer to peer fashion as necessary via Mach
   RPC.  See the GateKeeper 3.0 package for details.


    GateKeeper.2.2.s.tar.gz     contains a source distribution
    GateKeeper.2.2.NI.b.tar.gz  contains a binary distribution

        In addition a Dial on Demand version is available as:

    GateKeeper.2.0.DoD.s.tar.gz     source
    GateKeeper.2.0.DoD.NI.b.tar.gz  binary


    GateKeeper has the following significant features:

    --  Dial on demand (triggered by NS Apps and UNIX tools)
    --  GUI options file editor
    --  Toolbar control
    --  Inactivity timeout with sound warning.
    --  Execute and check exit status of a preLink and a
        preUnLink script prior to the respective operation.  
    --  displays pppStats
    --  Capable of auto-launching pppd using defaults or using
        information from a GateKeeper document
    --  AutoRedial if provider's line is busy.
    --  Manual Dial and login to a ppp provider without a script.
    --  Persistent connection will redial and link to your
        provider if the connection is unexpectedly dropped.
    --  Compound document format for storing information necessary 
        to access an Internet Service Provider.
    --  GUI status window.
    --  App Icon shows session time.
    --  Tri-state animated icon provides status feedback.
    --  Preferences editor simplifies editing of ppp2.2 files.
    --  Provides sound notification.
    --  Captures and displays connection information


The current release of GateKeeper is version 2.2 


Version 2.2 -- Tenth public release
        It turned out that when a FIFO is used for pppd to communicate
	with GateKeeper, the syslog daemon (syslogd) is blocked until the
	first PPP connection. This behaviour is cured in this release,
	i.e. syslogd will work as soon as GateKeeper is started.
	However, for syslogd to work right from the start-up of the computer,
	you need to install a little utility program. See README.openFifo.rtfd
	for details.

Version 2.1 -- Ninth public release
        The manual dial mechanism has been rewritten to eliminate the
        need for tip.  This was necessary to resolve a problem mentioned
        in the ppp FAQ which afflicts certain modems and ISDN adaptors
        when attempting to dial using comm programs such as tip.  Manual   
        dial should now work with all modems. 
        Double clicking a Gate doc in the Workspace no longer launches a
        ppp session. Instead, the Gate doc is opened for editing using the
        Gate doc editor.  The editor now has an integrated Link button 
        which can be used to launch a ppp session using the edited doc.
        Instead of immediate redials, GK now has a built in back-off delay
        which doubles in period each time that an attempted redial fails.
        A GUI status window option has been added.  This can be used in
        addition to or instead of the regular diagnostics window.  To
        support this functionality I've added the ability to handle Bourne
        shell like comments to chat (i.e. preceded by a #).  Comments
        embedded in a chat pppup file will be displayed in GateKeeper's
        status window.  Newly, generated Gate docs will have default

Version 2.0 -- Eigth public release
        German translation provided by Uli Zappe, who also provided very
        helpful feedback and bug reports.  The German translation is not
        complete because I did not fully prepare GK for multilingual support.
	GateKeeper is now installed from a package.  
	Gate docs no longer require an absolute path to the chat pppup script.
	The threshold below which GateKeeper will trigger Inactivity Timeout
	can now be adjusted via GK's preferences.
	GateKeeper can now be set in preferences to use an ordinary log file as 	its IPC mechanism with pppd/syslogd. The polling technique from the 	UNIX tail command is used, although, this method is not as efficient as
	the FIFO option.
	GateKeeper can check for mail in the queue and provide an icon warning.
        Sound can be disabled in preferences.	
	The options file within a Gate doc can now be edited graphically. 
	GateKeeper now checks whether the real user has permission to access a 	file before allowing editing or Linking.  Older versions required 	hardcoding and a recompile in order to achieve this.
	preLink and preUnlink script execution prior to the respective op.

Version 1.0a -- Seventh public release
	This release became necessary because of a CERT advisory on 2/15/96 	regarding versions of BIND prior to 4.9.3.  GateKeeper recieves the 	signal to dial on demand from a slightly modified named daemon which 	runs while GateKeeper is running (if "dial on demand" is enabled in 	preferences). 

Version 1.0 -- Sixth public release
	Per suggestion of Steven J. Perkins added ToolBar.  
	Added Inactivity timeout and dial on demand.
	New graphics created with Stone Design's awesome 3D Reality.
        See the info panel.  Usual minor improvements.

Version 0.9 -- Fifth public release
	Added manual dial and login, plus minor improvements.			Thanks to Stephan Schneider for his help in debugging a problem with 	the manual dial feature and for numerous suggestions and comments.
Version 0.8 -- Fourth public release
	Added Auto re-dial and some minor improvements.									
Version 0.7 -- Bug fix release
	Thanks to Hanspeter Schuab for numerous suggestions, bug reports and a 	bug fix.							

Version 0.6 -- Second public release
	Numerous enchancements including .Gate doc's

Version 0.3 -- Initial release
	Thanks to Steven J. Perkins for evaluation and numerous suggestions.

Comments, bug reports and suggestions should be sent to:

Uli Zappe
(if they refer to the 2.2 modifications for syslogd)


Felipe A. Rodriguez
5315 Colodny st. #7
Agoura Hills, CA  91301
far@ix.netcom.com          (NeXTmail preferred)   (MIMEmail welcome)	####################################################################

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.