# 	Filename: README
# 	Created : Mon Sep  6 16:44:31 1993
# 	Author  : Vince DeMarco <vince@whatnxt.cuc.ab.ca>
# 	LastEditDate Was "Mon Sep  6 16:47:26 1993"

This is the new version of the Circular Slider palette for 3.X

The newest addition is a much more object-oriented design of the
palette and the associated cell (Yet there is now a CircularSliderCell
the CircularSlider control is now just a shell that provided a view).

I haven't been working on this for quite sometime, so it should be
stable. (I know famous last words).

If you make and interesting subclasses please let me know about it (My
email address is given above)

vince demarco

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