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3.6 D'OLE


D'OLE is a shortcut for Distributed OLE. OLE is Microsoft's standard for Object Linking and Embedding and is currently not distributable across platforms. With D'OLE you can distribute OLE objects across the network like e.g. in SOM by IBM. But D'OLE is more. It uses NeXT's object model PDO (Portable Distributed Objects) from Unix to Windows platforms and enables OLE objects to communicate with OpenStep objects natively, which means without changing the application. OpenStep objects behave like OLE objects and vice versa.

D'OLE also supports EOF which enables a distributed computing environment that provides an infinitely flexible choice of application deployment of application deployment strategies.

D'OLE uses the Foundation Framework, Distributed Object Framework and other core classes. It comes bundled with C/Objective-C compiler and GNU make, although Microsoft Visual C++ is required. Further you get a portable nmserver, MACH emulation and on-line documentation.

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