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                        Emacs for NeXTstep 4.0

This is the first public release of Emacs for NeXTstep (**).  This is
a version of GNU Emacs 19.22 (the latest release as of this writing)
which has been enhanced so that it supports NeXTstep windows, colors,
fonts, menus a.s.o. in the same way the stock Emacs 19 supports X.  In
addition it also supports some special NeXTstep only features like
font and file panels, NeXTstep services, opening documents in Emacs by
double-clicking them in the workspace, NeXTstep style pop up and pull
down menus, cooperation with ProjectBuilder, drag and drop, ISOLatin
character set, automatic saving on logout, NeXTstep defaults and a
look and feel which honest people can describe as being different from
ugly.  None of the capabilities of GNU Emacs 19.22 have been lost, so
this Emacs will still run without problems under a dumb terminal and
virtually all Emacs Lisp software written for GNU Emacs under X will
run without modifications under NeXTstep.  Creating a single binary
which will run under NeXTstep, X or a dumb terminal (depending on how
it was launched) requires nothing more than recompiling the source
with a different compiler switch (see installation instructions).

So very likely this is the only Emacs you'll ever need which is lucky
considering how big a complete Emacs installation is and how much work
it can be.  To reduce that amount of work, there are two archives
available -- a fat binary-only Installer package
Emacs_for_NeXTstep_4.0.pkg.tar.gz, and a full source distribution

The binary distribution is fully functional, comes with complete
online documentation and should only take a few minutes and less than
10 MBytes of disk space to install.  If you don't have a developer
package or the 40 MBytes or so of free disk space which installing
Emacs from sources temporarily needs, you should get this package.
However, you need to get and make the full source distribution under
any of these conditions:

(a) You run NeXTstep on any hardware other than NeXT or Intel hardware
    (e.g. HP PA).

(b) You need an Emacs binary which also runs under X.

(c) You don't have write access to your /LocalApps directory and need
    to install Emacs somewhere else.

(d) You want to dump a customized Emacs.

(e) You don't just want to browse the online documentation but also
    want to print it out in a pretty form.

For more details on how to customize Emacs to your liking, read the
online documentation (menu item Info/Info) and in particular the NeXT
specific sections (menu item Info/Info about Emacs for NS).

Emacs for NeXTstep runs only under NS 3.x (and for best results use NS
3.2 or later).

        Carl Edman                                      April 22, 1994

** So why in the world is it called version 4.0 ?  To avoid confusion
   with the older Emacs.app interface (lately up to version 3.1) which
   is completely unrelated except for the fact that its author,
   Michael Brouwer, has been a major contributor to this project as
   well.  And even he has replaced the old Emacs.app with Emacs for

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