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What am I?

PBExtensions is a work in progress.   PBExtensions.bundle is a ProjectBuilder.app loadable
bundle which adds various features which I find useful to ProjectBuilder. If you find these
useful please let me know.  Any suggestions (for more extensions) are welcome, as are bug
reports. You can contact the author at:

Eric Peyton


1)  Place this bundle some place where it can always be found.  (I suggest
2)  Then start ProjectBuilder and point the bundle loader (in Preferences...;Bundles) to your
3)  Restart ProjectBuilder

*** Features ***

1) There should be a new "Recent Projects" menu on the main menu.  This will show you the
projects that you have opened in ProjectBuilder.  These are ordered most recent to the top.
By clicking on one of these menu items it should open up the specified project.

2) There should also be a new "PBExtensions..." menu item under Info.  This will allow you to
set the preferences for the menu and other extensions.  This panel was supposed to be loaded
by ProjectBuilder's Preferences menu, however it seems that this feature doesn't work in 4.2.
The code is still in there however and when Apple provides personalized Preferences panels to
the public this will be implemented in PBExtensions.

3)  Under the Tools menu there are menu items for launching Icon Builder, File Merge, and
Interface Builder.  Because Services is still 3.3 based, it's nice to have these applications

4)  You can now set the color used by Project Builder when breaking on a specific line.  If
you check the box, Use My Debugging Color, in Preferences, the color selected will be used.
This code is from Bill Bumgarner's PBDHColor bundle.  Thanks Bill.

5)  You can set Project Builder to save the Open Projects on exit.  The next time you open
Project Builder the previously open projects will be opened as well.

6)   You can control the number of items that appear on the Recent Projects menu. This number
defaults to twenty.  Set it to a larger value to see the menu items.

7)   PB Pasteboard.  OK I don't want any bug reports about this one.  This is a feature that
Apple left in, I just turned it on and gave it a menu item.  I have fixed some of the most
glaring errors, but it still isn't perfect.  On the Edit menu there is now a PB Pasteboard
menu item(Cmd-V).  When you click on this you will see a panel.  This panel shows you up to
the last 30 things that you have copied.  This panel will not come up if you don't have a
project up, and it won't come up if you haven't copied anything into the pasteboard yet.  It
works OK.  But don't send me bug reports about it.  (For those emacs fans, this is the PB kill

8)  Comments extension.  An easy one, I don't expect it'll get much mileage, but what the
heck, I threw it in anyway.  Under the Edit menu is a new menu Comments.  This has 2 items,
Comment Selected and Uncomment Selected.  These do exactly what they say they do.  If you
Comment Selected it throws a /* */ around whatever you have selected.  It doesn't go through
to make sure you're not commenting comments, etc, etc.  Uncomment selected blows away all /*,
*/, and // inside the selected block of code.  These menu items aren't smart enough to make
sure you're inside a .m, .c, .h, etc.  It'll do what it can.


I would like any suggestions but here is what I am thinking.

->  Add a macro language for scripting, and playback and record, like most other high quality
editors have.
->  Add lines of code counter and viewer.  See PBCodeCount, repackaged version of count
->  Add ability to time amount of time spent actually in a project
->  Add Gdb stack browser (?? About feasibility)  See PBGDBExtensions
->  Add a graphical representation of a project view (Subclasses, superclasses, uses, etc.)
->  Integrate autodoc with PB (Add ability to turn comments into autocomments as well).
->  Add ability to compare current file vs. saved version.
->  Add ability to make all Headers Public Headers.
->  Add Bookmarks.  Want to be able to set and review bookmarks in my code
->  Add Customizable toolbars to the app.  I think this should be a separate bundle
->  Add ability to include more GDB Commands.  I.e. Run until line #, etc.  See
->  Add a way to clear the gdb window of text

*** POSSIBLE FEATURES ***  (If someone asks for them)

->  Add ability to compress/expand code like in old Edit.app.  May not be helpful to most, but
I liked that feature a lot for code browsing.
->  Add ability to open multiple projects at one time (Project Groups).
->  Add ability to sort recent projects alphabetically instead of in "last opened" order.

*** Known Bugs ***

->  Add ability to not open autoloaded projects when you double click on a PB.project and you
have PBExtensions set to open previous state.

Let me know if you find any.


PBExtensions is distributed under the terms of the GNU General
Public License.

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.