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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

typedef struct _iobuf *MY_STREAM;
typedef void (*WindowHookFunction)(MY_STREAM, char **);
// The GdbManager object holds info which allows gdb to
// communicate with a DisplayProvider object. Subclasses
// do most of the work.

@interface GdbManager : NSObject
    // When some state changes in the inferior, like the
    // current line number of frame, then Gdb needs to inform
    // a display provider of the change.
    // It implements the  <ViewDisplayProvider>  or
    // <GuiDisplayProvider> protocol.
    id		displayProvider;

    NSString	*displayProviderConnectionName;
    NSString	*displayProviderHostName;

- init;
- (void) dealloc;

- (void) setDisplayProviderConnectionName:(const char *)c
                                     host:(const char *)h;

- (NSString *)displayProviderConnectionName;

- (NSString *)displayProviderHostName;

- (void) setDisplayProvider:(id)dP;

// Get client provider iff it supports the protocol; returns nil otherwise.
-  displayProviderForProtocol:(Protocol *)p;

// Subclasses should over ride these methods

// return the Window Hook function which is called by gdb's
// command_loop.
- (WindowHookFunction) windowHookFunction;

// setup connection to other (remote) object(s)
- (int) establishConnection;

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