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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
//#import <Foundation/NSPosixFileDescriptor.h>
#import "DebuggerController_Protocol.h"
#import "GdbManager.h"
#import "GuiGdbCmd.h"
#import "GuiGdbManagerInternal_Protocol.h"
#import "GuiGdbManagerExecLock_Protocol.h"
#import "GuiDisplayProvider_Protocol.h"
#import "DebuggerControllerInternal_Protocol.h"

// DebuggerController established the connection to the remote
// client which provides the display and GUI capablity. The
// remote client can invoke commands and control gdb via the
// DebuggerController protocol.
// The DebuggerController is a RunLoop.

@class NSPosixFileDescriptor;

typedef enum {
    NSPosixNoActivity = 0,
    NSPosixReadableActivity = 1,
    NSPosixWritableActivity = 2,
    NSPosixExceptionalActivity = 4
} NSPosixFileActivity;

@interface DebuggerController : NSObject
	<DebuggerController, DebuggerControllerInternal>
    // We call into this object to control and communicate w/ GDB
    GdbManager<GuiGdbManagerInternal, GuiGdbManagerExecLock>
    // object which provides visual feedback
    id<GuiDisplayProvider>	displayProvider; 

    // we watch stdin and tell gdb to read it
    NSPosixFileDescriptor	*stdinPFD;
    NSConnection		*displayProviderConnection;
    NSConnection		*gdbConnection;


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