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#import "RelocManager.h"
#import <mach-o/loader.h>

typedef struct _Segment {
    pointer_t 		address;
    vm_size_t		size;
    pointer_t		data;
    vm_address_t	maxAddress;
    long		displacement;
    pointer_t		maxData;
    struct {
        unsigned short readIn : 1;
    } rFlags;
    STR segName;
} Segment;

typedef struct _Image {
    STR name;
    struct mach_header *header;
    vm_size_t size;
    long mtime;
    unsigned long slide;
    BOOL deallocate;
} Image;

@interface SegmentManager : RelocManager
    STR name;
    Image *images;
    int numImages;
    BOOL skipShlibs;
    int imageFd;
    cpu_type_t cpuType;

+newExecutable: (STR)name;
+newExecutable: (STR)name skipShlibs: (BOOL)skipShlibs withDesc: (int)desc cpuType: (cpu_type_t)type;
+newCore: (STR)theName;
+newFile: (STR)theName;
+newShlib: (STR)theName;
+newShlib: (STR)theName cpuType: (cpu_type_t)type;
+newHeader: (struct mach_header *)header withSlide: (unsigned long)size;
-(int)numCommands: (unsigned long)command
        forHeader: (struct mach_header *)header;
-(struct symtab_command *)symCmd;
-(struct dysymtab_command *)dysymCmd;
-(char *)stringTable;
-(struct nlist *)symbolTable;

- (unsigned)getSlide;

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