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#import <objc/Object.h>

#import <mach/mach.h>
#import <mach-o/loader.h>

typedef struct _Reloc {
    pointer_t 		address;
    vm_size_t		size;
    pointer_t		data;
    vm_address_t	maxAddress;
    long		displacement;
    pointer_t		maxData;
    struct {
        unsigned short readIn : 1;
    } rFlags;
} Reloc;

#define WARPM(m, p) \
	((typeof(p))[(m) pointerFor: (p) withSize: sizeof(*(p))])
#define WARP(p) WARPM(regionManager, p)
#define WARPIDM(m, theID) \
	([(m) pointerForID: (id)(theID)])

#define WARPID(theID) WARPIDM(regionManager, theID)
#define UNWARPM(m, p) \
	((typeof(p))[(m) originalPointerFor: (p)])
#define UNWARP(p) UNWARPM(regionManager, (p))
#define WARPSTRINGM(m, s) ((char *)[(m) pointerForString: (s)])

#define WARPSTRING(s) WARPSTRINGM(regionManager, s)
@interface RelocManager : Object
    void *relocs;
    int numRelocs;
    int relocSize;
    struct _rmFlags {
	unsigned short invalid : 1;
	unsigned short shouldSortRelocs : 1;
    } rmFlags;
    Reloc *lastReloc;

-(void *)pointerFor: (const void *)pointer;
-(void *)pointerFor: (const void *)pointer withSize: (int)size;
-(char *)pointerForString: (const char *)pointer isNullTerminated: (BOOL *)isNT;
-(char *)pointerForString: (const char *)string;
-pointerForID: (const id)pointer;
-(void *)originalPointerFor: (const void *)pointer;
-(int)getDataAt: (const void *)start for: (int)numBytes into: (void *)data;
-(struct mach_header **)getMachHeaders;
-(struct mach_header **)getMachHeadersWithNames: (char ***)names;
-(struct mach_header *)getMachHeader;
-(void *)getSectData: (STR)segName section: (STR)sectName size: (int *)pSize forHeader: (struct mach_header *)header withSlide:(unsigned)slide;
-(void *)getSectData: (STR)segName section: (STR)sectName size: (int *)pSize;
-(const struct section *)getSeg: (STR)segName sect: (STR)sectName;
-(Reloc *)relocFor: (const void *)pointer;
-(Reloc *)oldRelocFor: (const void *)pointer;
-(BOOL)readInReloc: (Reloc *)reloc;
-(const struct section *)firstSection;
-(unsigned)getMaximumAddressForHeader: (struct mach_header *)header withSlide:(unsigned)slide;


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