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#import "RelocManager.h"

typedef struct _Region {
    Reloc reloc;
    vm_prot_t protection;
    unsigned char       *pages;
    int pagesInvalid;
} Region;

typedef void (TaskGoneCallBack());

#define PAGEINVALID (0x01 << 6)

@interface RegionManager : RelocManager
    vm_task_t task;
    vm_size_t pageSize;
    TaskGoneCallBack *taskGoneCallBack;
    unsigned char *pages;
    BOOL dontCombineRegions;
    int regionsInvalid;

+newTask: (vm_task_t)theTask;
+newTask: (vm_task_t)theTask readInRegions: (BOOL)readRegions;
-(int)putDataAt: (void *)start for: (int)numBytes from: (const void *)data;
-(int)putDataAt: (void *)start for: (int)numBytes from: (const void *)data markOnly: (BOOL)markOnly;
-(int)writeDataAt: (const void *)start for: (int)numBytes;
-(int)writeDataAt: (const void *)start for: (int)numBytes reloc: (Region *)reloc;
-(int)writeDataAt: (const void *)start for: (int)numBytes reloc: (Region *)region markOnly: (BOOL)markOnly;
-(void)getStartPage: (void **)startPage andSize: (int *)sizePage
         forPointer: (void *)pointer    andSize: (int)size;
-(void)setTaskGoneCallBack: (TaskGoneCallBack *)theCallBack;
-(void)combineRegions: (BOOL)combineRegions;

-(struct mach_header*)copyLoadedImage:(struct mach_header*)header_addr


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