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f0fs24 cf0 OPENSTEP Release 4.2  Copyright ©1997 by NeXT Software, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
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f0fs48 cf0 OPENSTEP 4.2 Release Notes: 
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pardtx1800li1440qlqnaturalTextEdit is a new application based on the new text system. In addition to the standard text editing features in the 3.3 Edit application, it provides:

pardtx1640li1640fi-200qlqnatural·	"Wrap to Page" mode. This mode causes the document to be wrapped to the current page size (as opposed to the window size), and thus shows you a simple WYSIWYG representation of your pages. This mode also allows zooming.

·	Support for new text object features such as hyphenation, kerning, ligatures, and baseline offsets.

·	Ability to read/write plain text files in different 8-bit character encodings and Unicode. Coupled with the Kanji support in the new text object, you can read/write/edit Kanji files created by 3.3J or 4.1J. (You will need Kanji fonts and input manager.)

   The alternate encoding to apply to a file is specified by a popup in the Open or Save panels. The default item, "Default," tells TextEdit to use either the default 8-bit encoding of the system or Unicode. Other choices let you select different encodings. You can also set the default setting of this popup via the Preferences panel.

pardtx1800li1440qlqnaturalSources to TextEdit are available with the developer software, in /NextDeveloper/Examples/AppKit/TextEdit.
fs36 cf0 Known Problems in This Release
Reference:	None
Problem:	Encoding popup in Open/Save panels not available under NT3.51 
Description:	Because accessory views aren't supported under NT3.51, there is no encoding popup in the Open/Save panels.

Workaround: You can use the popup in the Preferences panel to set the default choice for the popup, which will then be used when files are opened or saved.

pardtx1800li1440qlqnaturalIn addition, please refer to the Application Kit release notes for the new text system bugs.

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