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#import <Foundation/NSObject.h>
#import <Foundation/NSDictionary.h>
#import <AppKit/NSFont.h>
#import "Document.h"

/* Keys in the dictionary... */   
#define RichTextFont @"RichTextFont"
#define PlainTextFont @"PlainTextFont"
#define DeleteBackup @"DeleteBackup"
#define SaveFilesWritable @"SaveFilesWritable"
#define RichText @"RichText"
#define ShowPageBreaks @"ShowPageBreaks"
#define WindowWidth @"WidthInChars"
#define WindowHeight @"HeightInChars"
#define PlainTextEncoding @"PlainTextEncoding"
#define TabWidth @"TabWidth"
#define ForegroundLayoutToIndex @"ForegroundLayoutToIndex"
#define OpenPanelFollowsMainWindow @"OpenPanelFollowsMainWindow"

@interface Preferences : NSObject {
    id richTextFontNameField;
    id plainTextFontNameField;
    id deleteBackupMatrix;
    id saveFilesWritableButton;
    id richTextMatrix;
    id showPageBreaksButton;
    id windowWidthField;
    id windowHeightField;
    id plainTextEncodingPopup;
    id tabWidthField;

    NSDictionary *curValues;
    NSMutableDictionary *displayedValues;

+ (id)objectForKey:(id)key;	/* Convenience for getting global preferences */
+ (void)saveDefaults;		/* Convenience for saving global preferences */

+ (Preferences *)sharedInstance;

- (NSDictionary *)preferences;	/* The current preferences; contains values for the documented keys */

- (void)showPanel:(id)sender;	/* Shows the panel */

- (void)updateUI;		/* Updates the displayed values in the UI */
- (void)commitDisplayedValues;	/* The displayed values are made current */
- (void)discardDisplayedValues;	/* The displayed values are replaced with current prefs and updateUI is called */

- (void)revert:(id)sender;	/* Reverts the displayed values to the current preferences */
- (void)ok:(id)sender;		/* Calls commitUI to commit the displayed values as current */
- (void)revertToDefault:(id)sender;    

- (void)miscChanged:(id)sender;		/* Action message for most of the misc items in the UI to get displayedValues */
- (void)changeRichTextFont:(id)sender;	/* Request to change the rich text font */
- (void)changePlainTextFont:(id)sender;	/* Request to change the plain text font */
- (void)changeFont:(id)fontManager;	/* Sent by the font manager */

+ (NSDictionary *)preferencesFromDefaults;
+ (void)savePreferencesToDefaults:(NSDictionary *)dict;


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