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/* Author Cristian Cserveny, 1994.
   Converted to the OpenStep version by Ovidiu Predescu, 1997.

#import <AppKit/NSView.h>

@class NSMutableArray;

@interface InfoView : NSView
  NSMutableArray* images;
  NSImage* resultImage;
  int currentImageIndex;
  int tickNo;
  float xTile, yTile;
  NSPoint point;
  int imagesToDisplay;

- (void)showImageNumber:(int)index;
- (void)showAllImages;

- (void)addImageNamed:(NSString*)name;
- (void)addImage:(NSImage*)image;

- (void)drawRect:(NSRect)rect;
- (void)animateOneImage:(NSTimer*)timer;
- (void)animateAllImages:(NSTimer*)timer;


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