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Welcome to ICOS's latest version of SQLEdit - and now, it runs on WINDOWS NT and 95
with OPENSTEP from Apple (www.apple.com).

SQLEdit is a useful small application to support EOF developer. The background to
write such an app was the necessity to handle/modify the database contents via
DML (data manipulation language) statements that knowns the model identifiers
and hide the sometimes cryptical database object names.


- within this app you can use model identifier for DML statements or database
  object names in either DML or DDL statements
- any statements that the database knows about are allowed (dependent on the adaptor
  of the loaded model)
- private command: 'describe <objectname>;' to get deep informations about model
  or entities
- can execute a stament list loaded from file (batch manipulations) or single 
- print result sets to non postscript printers via GhostScript (ftp.cs.wisc.edu)
  (tested with GS version 5.01, you need GSView too)
- don't need to type in any statement twice: go (by mouse/cursor) to the end of
  that statement (it is behind the semicolon) and press <return> again
- and much more ...


- user defined transactions (at the point every command is a transaction that
  was commited if it was successful or rolled back if it was not)
- save typed sql statements to file
- sorting of columns in addition of '... order by ...' clauses
- connect to a database without a given model
- any what you really need!


EMAIL:	rendto@icos.lol.li
TELE:	+41 75 23766-17
FAX:	+41 75 23766-34
	Fuerst-Franz-Joseph-Str. 73
	FL-9490 Vaduz


Be sure you downloaded the correct version for your hardware and operating system:

Operating System	CPU architecture	Download:
----------------	-----------------	----------	
Windows NT or		Intel			SQLEdit_1.05_WIN.tar.gz
 Windows 95	
 NOTE:you must be running OPENSTEP 4.2 for Windows - 1-800-try-next):

Others will follow up if needed ... ;-))


Windows NT or 95:

1. Unpack the software distribution

	a. open a "Bourne Shell" window from OPENSTEP Enterprises folder
	b. change directory to location of distribution, for example, C:\temp
		cd C:\temp
	c. gunzip the distribution:
		gunzip SQLEdit_1.05_WIN.tar.gz
	d. untar the resulting uncompressed file:
		tar xf SQLEdit_1.05_WIN.tar
2. Inside the newly created SQLEdit_1.05_WIN directory will be SQLEdit.app
	a. move SQLEdit.app using File Manager to where you keep your apps
	b. Drag the icon of SQLEdit.exe to a Program Manager folder for easy 
	c. Notify your system of the SQLEdit File types (only if you want
	   to open '.eomodel', '.eomodeld' and '.sql' bundles/files by double
	   clicking with "SQLEdit.app"!):
		1. change directory to where SQLEdit.app resides, in this
		   example, we'll say that SQLEdit.app is in C:\LocalApps
		   	cd C:\LocalApps
		2. Run the registerBundle program by typing:
			registerBundle SQLEdit.app
3. Launch SQLEdit
	a. Double-click SQLEdit.exe in File Manager

4. Play with SQLEdit:
	a. type in any sql statement ended up with a semicolon sign (';') and press
	b. type in 'describe YourModelName;' or 'describe YourEntityName;' to see
	   what happens

Any suggestions and comments are welcome! Please use e-mail to report bugs and to
croon songs of praise ...

Torsten Rendelmann

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.