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	SmartBase 1.0
	SmartBase is an ObjectBase for OpenStep 
Smartsoft Development is proud to announce SmartBase Version 1.0. SmartBase is an object relational database management system for OpenStep. It's based on NeXT's Enterprise Objects Framework and thus principly could be used with any RDBMS, that's supported by EOF. To overcome the differences in the user- and domainmanagment of the various databases available on the market, SmartBases uses a further database specific adaptor (OB-adapter) realized as a loadable bundle. The current relase of SmartBase only supports OpenBase. Adaptors for PrimeBase, FrontBase,... will be available soon. The key features are

 Database independence (EOF-adapter required)
 AttributeCategories (Attribute, Reference, History,...)
 Role paradigm
 EOModels are generated automatically
 SourceCode is generated automatically
 ObjectRepository (Source and Binaries)
 ObjectClasses are dynamically linked into client applications at runtime
 Objects cannot only be instanciated on clients but also on the server

SmartBase is intended to support the development of business applications for OpenStep (Objective-C). This release contains the following:

After creating a connection to the underlying database (OpenBase, PrimeBase, SyBase,...) the ObjectServer process offers its services to client applications via an NSConnection. It is recommended to run this process on the same machine, that is hosting the database to avoid unnecessary LAN traffic.

This application is used to create and maintain accounts, groups, domains and access privileges.

You use this application to modify the object model of a domain. You can define classes, roles, attributes of various types (BaseType & ClassType) and various categories (Attribute, Reference, History,..).
DomainManager automatically modifies the table scheme of the underlying database according to your object model, creates template source code for your objects (Objective-C), acts as a repository for custom object code and for class bundles, allows you to modify a domain model while the domain is in use by many client applications,...

Same functionality as DomainManager but is independent of the ObjectServer process. It can be used to create obmodels offline, or to support the development of eomodels not intended to be used by SmartBase client applications.

Several demo applications (source) have been included in this release to demonstrate the capabilities of SmartBase.

SmartBase is built for Intel. You need to have OpenStep 4.2 Mach Developer and EOF 2.1 installed to take full advantage of this product. Moreover you need a RDBMS. This first release only supports OpenBase(Version 5.1.3 or higher) See http://www.openbase.com to get a demo version of OpenBase for Mach, before trying to use SmartBase.


Simply untar SmartBase.1.0.I.tar.gz and install all five packages on your workstation. Read the documentation in /NextLibrary/SmartBase/Documentation for further details. If you encounter any problems or have suggestions regarding the further development of SmartBase, do not hesitate to contact us. We're happy to hear from you.

For further information, contact:

Smartsoft Development
Andreas Hoeschler
Email: ahoesch@on-luebeck.de

Special thanks to Scott Keith from OpenBase Inc. for his kind support!!!

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.