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VERSION:    0.87 beta
OS:         Openstep for Mach (tested on 4.2 only)
PLATFORMS:  NeXT, Intel, Sun
SIZE:       1.37 MB compressed
            3.8 MB installed FAT
            1.53 MB installed for single platform
WHERE:      ftp://wendy.ucsd.edu/pub/Mark/LogOn_00.87.m.NIS.tar.gz

I am looking for beta testers for my new application LogOn.  The app is very stable on my NeXTStation running 4.2, however I am very curious to see how it runs on other platforms.  Also, I am very interested in comments about how I can make it even easier to use.

LogOn is intended for novice PPP users who just want an application that launches and kills PPP that is both simple to install and easy to use.  The goal was to provide an app that frees users from having to deal with chat scripts, options files, or pap-secrets files.  It is not an application that helps you install PPP or configure PPP, but rather one that (hopefully) shields you from ever having to know the nitty-gritty details of pppd or chat.  Installing LogOn should be as easy as entering your account name, password and phone number.  Likewise, using LogOn should be as simple as saying "I want to connect to Netcom from Home using PPP 2.2."  That is, setting your Local Location to Home, your Server Location to Netcom, your PPP Option set to PPP 2.2, and pressing the Log On button.

    * Graphic front end to ppp.
    * Maintains unlimited number of "Server" locations:
        Saves account name, password, server phone number, chat script...
        Have one for each account you own...
    * Maintains unlimited number of "Local" locations:
        Saves modem initializations, phone prefix/postfix, long distance 
            access codes...
        Have one for home, one for work, one for school, etc
    * Maintains unlimited number of "Option" files.
        Just like /etc/ppp/options except with text fields, buttons, etc
        Set up one for ftp'ing and one for more interactive use...
    * To use, just connect a "Server" Location with a "Local" Location 
        and press the LogOn button.
    * "Autodetect" feature - no chat scripts!
    * "Autoredial" feature - keeps trying until ppp is active
    * Launches apps you select automatically when ppp is established
    * Changes signatures to match your "virtual" location.
    * Can fetch pop mail for you when ppp is established (You supply 
        a program like popOver)
    * Can purge mail queue when ppp is established.
    * Maintains /etc/resolv.conf if you wish.
    * A clock tracks time on line.
    * Log Window displays ppp log file (or other you select)
    * PPP Expert and Novice users - limits access to certain elements of 
        LogOn to experts only.
    * Users can choose whether to use an external script or LogOn to 
        bring up connection.  Likewise to bring down a connection.
    * Context Help to guide you through the set up process.
    * Compatable with pppd 2.2 and pppd 2.3.

Please download it and give it a try.  And, of course, please let me know of any comments or suggestions you might have.

Thank you for trying LogOn!

Mark Trombino

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