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These Instructions are NOT the OFFICIAL
instructions to install Sendmail-8.8.5 on your machine but simply notes that I compiled when I installed Sendmail-8.8.5 on my machine OPENSTEP 4.2 MACH. 


Sendmail-8.8.5 Installation Instructions  
for installing Sendmail-8.8.5 on a stand alone machine. I assume that you have PPP running already and that you can web browse etc...

This installation will permits you to forward email to your ISP's mail server. Local mail will be delivered as usual and any mail that is external to your machine will be exported to your ISP's mail server. 

The main advantage of this configuration is that all your email will be queued. So you can type and send email without actually being online. Onces online you simply use the EmptyQ application to empty the mail that is in the queue to be forwarded to your ISP's mailserver. In using older versions of sendmail, your mail cannot be queued and bounces right back since your not online.

I hope this will help you install and configure your email system! I have done this several times and it works!!! So it should also work for you. Good luck.

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