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[ Note to archive maintainers: EnhanceMail 2.x versions do _not_
supersede EnhanceMail 1.x versions.  EnhanceMail 1.x works with Mail
3.3.  EnhanceMail 2.x works with Mail 4.0 only.  For the benefit of
Mail 3.3 users please keep a copy of EnhanceMail 1.x available even
after the release of EnhanceMail 2.x ]

This package contains the EnhanceMail bundle.  This bundle extends the
capabilities of Mail 4.0 by adding quoting, signatures, X face
support, a distributed, cached user-image database, full-text indices
PGP encryption/decryption/signatures and a number of other features.
To enable it install EnhanceMail.bundle anywhere in the mail bundle
path (~/Library/Mail, /LocalLibrary/Mail, /NextLibrary/Mail, and the
Mail application wrapper itself) and restart Mail.  The recommended
location for system-wide installation is /LocalLibrary/Mail, for
personal installation ~/Library/Mail.  After installing the bundle, a
more detailed description of its capabilities can be found at the end
of the Mail.app online help.

Note that this bundle will _only_ work with Mail 4.0.  For Mail 3.3
use EnhanceMail 1.x.  Earlier versions of Mail can not be extended by
external bundles.  There are reports of success with running newer
versions of Mail with older versions of Nextstep.  In those cases the
version of EnhanceMail appropriate for the used version of Mail should
also work.  However this remains a matter of trial and error.

        Carl Edman                                              6-29-96

1.3 -> 2.0
(*)  Rewritten to work with Mail.app 4.0

(*)  Smilies (shamelessly stolen from GNUS)

(*)  PGP integration (requires installed pgp binary)

(*)  Mailbox index updates are done lazily now

1.2 -> 1.3
(*)  Option to auto-flag replies

(*)  AutoSpellCheck made more intuitive and user-friendly

(*)  Support for http URLs

(*)  The usual numerous minor bug fixes

1.1 -> 1.2
(*)  New Help files

(*)  New preference panels

(*)  Some more support for Japanese

(*)  Full text indexing

(*)  Distributed ftp-based, cached user imaging

(*)  NextFace will always override XFace

(*)  Optional color for quotes in NeXTmail

(*)  Rewrote quotation code once again

(*)  Worked around Mail.app bug to make flagging persistent

(*)  Automatic Spell Checking

(*)  Minimal adjustments for Japanese text.

(*)  Unintentional-NeXTmail bug stamped out !!! (multiple punctuation, the sure
     sign of the diseased mind)

1.0 -> 1.1
(*)  A working AutoCompact option which compacts every mailbox as soon as it is

(*)  Quotation code rewritten from scratch.

(*)  New quotation code found unsatisfactory and replaced by the old
     quotation code.

(*)  Bug fix %{}

(*)  Bug which caused plain text message not to auto-wrap correctly was fixed.

(*)  Non-ASCII quoted characters are forced to ASCII.

(*)  The unintentional-NeXTmail bug remains elusive.  Please report if you can
     reproduce it.

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