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EmptyQ Version 1.0 by Eric Tremblay (ericet@cam.org)

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EmptyQ is an application that will empty your mail queue. 
Which is usually located at /usr/spool/mqueue. Please note that
you need to be "connected" to your internet service provider
in order for the mail to be sent. (Your ppp link needs to be active.)

EmptyQ simply sends a /usr/lib/sendmail -q command. Which can
be also done in a terminal shell.

The reason I made this program is that several non-technical
people use my computer. This program makes it easy for them
to make sure that thier e-mail was sent instantly, once they log on 
to the ISP.

This OpenStep Version was greatly fixed up and simplified 
compared to Version 1.0 running on NEXTSTEP. As you can see
from the source code, the program itself is ONLY 4 lines of code!!!
Special thanks to Samy Toutai for his help.

I hope that this program will be useful for other people out there in 
NEXTSTEP/OpenStep land.

The Package:

Version 2.0 comes complete in a tar.gz package.
Which includes:

 - EmptyQ.app A FAT OpenStep binary for NeXT, Intel and Sparc hardware

 - README.TXT  This file

 - SpecialOffer Information about a special offer for the Nebula CDROM

 - Includes Full Source Code

 - FAT OpenStep binary, NeXT, Intel and SPARC.


This version includes all the source code necessary to recompile the
program from scratch on OpenStep 4.0+ systems. 


Comments and suggestions are welcomed:

E-mail:    ericet@cam.org
   WWW:    http://www.cam.org/~ericet 

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.