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  Copyright Robert Vasvari, 1993.

Opening Known Connections

Once you successfully log on to a remote host, RBrowser will save the preferences
used in a file under. A preferences file can also be created before you log in,
by using the "Edit Preferences" button on the login panel. This button will open
the Preferences panel and let you define connection parameters for a particular
protocol, remote host and username. This is very useful, if for some reason RBrowser
is unable to log in with the default settings. 

REXEC only:
Here is an example: RBrowser expects uuencode/uudecode to sit in the /usr/bin directory. On some systems, they are in some other directory like /usr/bsd/bin. In this
case use the use "Edit Preferences" to bring up the Preferences Panel, and add
 /usr/bsd/bin to the end of the search path like this:
This will enable RBrowser to find these utilities which are necessary for its operation
like uuencode/uudecode, tar, compress, cp, etc...

You can find the menus to open any known remotehost under Remote/Open Connection. Menus to set connection preferences for them can be found under
Remote/Connection Preferences.

If you have a lot of preferences files, you will get a lot of menus under Open Connection. Any new connection will save its preferences by default in 
You can arrange these files in a directory structure under ~/Library/RBrowser.  
For instance, you could create ~/Library/RBrowser/Work and simply move
some of your preferences files in there. Next time you start RBrowser, the same
directory hierarchy will be represented in the menu structure under both 
Remote/Open Connection and Remote/Connection Preferences. 
This should make it easy to find any remote host.

There is a rule to remember:
   Do the rearrangement only while RBrowser is NOT running! 

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.