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  Copyright Robert Vasvari, 1993.

Why do I have a Local Workspace in RBrowser?

Yes, on MACH you can use the OPENSTEP Workspace for everything.
RBrowser integrates with it pretty well (such as you can drag out of the 
OPENSTEP Workspace  and drop into a remote RBrowser connection).

The RBrowser Local Workspace was built so that on other platforms
like Windows and Rhapsody you will have the same comfortable
working environment. Also, there is one functionality for which you
MUST use the RBrowser Local Workspace: Remote to Local copying.
You can do this by dragging out of an RBrowser remote connection and
dropping into the RBrowser Local Workspace. 

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.