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Registration Form (please type or print) 行行行行行行

Name	_______________________________
Address	_______________________________
City, State, Country	_______________________________
Zip Code	_______________________________

Internet Email Address	_______________________________

Would you like to receive email notices of new releases and bug fixes (yes or no)? _____

Which architecture do you use? Please specify1:    __sparc    __hppa    __m68k    __i486

Comments:	_________________________________________________________

Payment 行行行行行行行行行行行行

Please enclose US$20/DM30 for each license of Xnext  you would like to purchase.  Note that this is a right-to-use license, meaning the number of licenses you need is equal to the maximum number of copies of Xnext  that will be in use simultaneously.  (For example, if you use Xnext  at home and at work, you only need one license unless the two will be used at the same time.  Another example:  if you are installing Xnext at a site with 10 computers and it is possible that Xnext  will be used on all 10 at the same time, you need 10 licenses.)

Registered users receive any minor upgrades free and major upgrades at a discount.

	Number of Licenses		Cost Each		Total Enclosed
	_____				x	US$20/DM30		_______

Send a copy of this form (or something equivalent) and payment in US$ or DM to

	Stefan Leuker
	Grefrather Stra鹐 4
	41334 Nettetal

1 You are not buying a license for only one architecture.  This is just that I can send you the right updates.

These are the contents of the former NiCE NeXT User Group NeXTSTEP/OpenStep software archive, currently hosted by Netfuture.ch.